Park for Preservation of Flora and Fauna

At a time when living organisms are disappearing at an alarming rate, especially through habitat destruction, the 80-acre Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna of the Technical University of Crete constitutes a small but important area where native plants and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human intervention.


The idea of creating a Park in Akrotiri, within the property of the Technical University of Crete, was conceived in 1994 by the then rector of the University, Professor Yannis Phillis.


He designed and developed the Park in the next decade with the partial support of the Pancretan Association of America and inaugurated it in 2004. Yannis Phillis has been the director of the Park since 1994.


It is hoped that the Park will serve as an example for other public and private organizations of the importance of environmental protection.


Visiting Hours

Daily except for Monday, 8.30am - sunset



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